Monday, August 31, 2009

Rainy Grange Fair

Kids and umbrellas usually equal a good photo.

School's out Forever

While schools all over are springing back to life this week, the halls and classrooms of Saint Ann school in Bristol remain empty. The school where Sister Mary Donald spent much of her career as a teacher and principal was forced to close due to declining enrollment.

Exorcising the Demons

Since getting in to photography, the one word I've dreaded more than any other is "portrait." As soon as I read that on an assignment sheet, my hands would get clammy and the cold sweats would start. I dreaded the control of choosing the location, directing the subject, and don't even get me started on flash, which might as well have been a chunk of kryptonite in my camera bag(sound about right John Secoges?). I've worked hard to improve over the last few years, and I'm finally starting to be happy with the results. Suddenly, all the things I dreaded about portraits are now the things I love. I still have a ways to go with getting more creative, but it's exciting to feel like I'm making progress. With that, here are a couple of recent portraits that I liked.

High school soccer goalie who got a full scholarship to play at Stanford.

This couple started their own business repairing and restoring vintage pinball machines. How cool is that?

This one was tough, shooting the owner of an auto repair shop with the waste oil furnace he runs using recycled oil.

Eye on the Sky

Piloting a remote-controlled plane at flight camp. Funny how a little thing like a hat can make a photo much more interesting.